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Lady Bruins Cheer

About our Cheer Team
The St. Benedict Lady Bruins Cheer team reflects our school's values by creating a positive atmosphere and wholeheartedly supporting our athletic teams with school spirit. Our squad actively engages in various school events, including pep rallies, cheer competitions, and school programs. In the previous year, our team achieved remarkable success, securing 1st place in all of our competitions. Our cheer program operates year-round, and our Lady Bruins are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.3 to participate.
Coach Alexia Reyes
Alexia Reyes Coach ALexiaserves as the St. Benedict Lady Bruins Cheer Coach. She initiated her cheerleading journey during her Elementary school years, participating in All-Star teams and college-level cheerleading. Coach Alexia has maintained her role as the cheer coach for three consecutive years and currently teaches the Spanish elective at St. Benedict School. Alexia's primary objective is to foster support for all athletic teams and promote school spirit among the students. Her goal is to nurture qualities within the Lady Bruins cheer team that will contribute to their success in all their endeavors. Coach Alexia is excited to showcase the Lady Bruins cheer team skills this upcoming cheer season.