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Mission & Philosophy

Jesus Christ is the foundation for our school community. We strive to educate young people in the timeless values of the Catholic Faith as taught by Christ and expanded upon by the teachings of Saint Augustine and Saint Benedict. We are committed to producing college bound students, promoting Catholic faithfulness and stewardship, and maintaining an environment that provides a diverse academic program designed to develop each child spiritually, academically, and socially.
We nurture the individual character of each of our college bound students and embrace the cultural and ethnic diversity within the Catholic faith. We encourage praising others, building peace, modeling Catholic values, planning for the future, and emphasizing the importance of each individuals responsibility towards God and each other.
The philosophy of Saint Benedict School is committed to the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of each student.  We believe each child is a college bound student, blessed with the opportunity to attain a Catholic education. The school community teaches the importance of our Catholic faith by encouraging students to develop an ethic that reflects the Benedictine motto, "Pray and Work" (Ora et Labora.) In addition, we strive to reflect the Augustinian motto, "Charity and Knowledge" (Caritas et Scientia) by inviting students to a community of faith and mutual respect. We believe these timeless ethics, in conjunction with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church provide the foundation to produce college bound students with the skills necessary to promote peace at home, at school, and in the community, and who develop values of respect for themselves, others, and above all, God.